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Where the hardcore punishments number of hours is very low, even practice may have to be dispensed with, so that the learner's knowledge will be latent, to be developed into practical ability only if he finds himself in a more intensive contact situation. The asian bondage society in which second and foreign language learners live will not normally provide them with any contact with native speakers of that language. The second language learner will use the asian punishments in his own country, more often than not in conversation with another non-native speaker. Certainly for most there is little likelihood of extensive exposure to native speakers.

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The foreign language fetish learner will not use the language at all in his own country, and only if he goes abroad will he have contact with native speakers. There is however a third situation, which by definition cannot arise in a monolingual state, where the target language is in fact the mother-tongue of another asian punishments group in the same country. It is a situation that we find, for example, in Canada, where English and French are each the Li of one group and the principal of another. An 'alternate' language, as I have chosen to call it, is like a second language in that it has a social function within the country of the asian bondage learner, but unlike it in that this function will be principally in contacts with native speakers. It is quite unlike a foreign language because not only is it spoken in the learner's own hardcore punishments country, but it is spoken by native speakers.

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